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Esteban Bastida’s book, Parental Alienation Syndrome. At the Forefront against PAS Denialism, goes on sale in October.


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Parental Alienation Syndrome. At the Forefront against PAS Denialism is both the most specialized and the most comprehensive book available on the subject, paying attention to its legal, psychological, sociological and political aspects. The author, Esteban Bastida, is a lawyer of the Madrid Bar Association and a founding partner of Bastida Abogados. He has been directing for more than twenty years judicial matters regarding both family law, and criminal law related to family law, dealing with cases of parental alienation and false complaints of gender violence.

If a child rejects or hates pathologically his father or mother, which means having suffered no mistreatment or abuse by him or her, that is the result of the dynamics of alienation practised by the other parent in order to break the parental bond. Such situation is called Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS).

The work has three volumes. Volume I demonstrates that PAS is a standard studied and recognized by the scientific community, as well as a form of child psychological mistreatment, a form of psychological violence against the rejected parent and a legal standard recognized by the European Court of Human Rights. It constitutes a legal offence in the family sphere.

The author settles the polemics about the alleged non-existence of both the PAS and the false complaints of gender violence. He demonstrates that equality feminism has nothing to do with the current so-called gender feminism, untangling and unmasking the fallacies spread by gender ideologues —fanaticized deniers of PAS— and defending that citizens must reclaim incessantly the independence of the judicial system, in order to put an end to the unacceptable interference of politicians in the clinical and judicial spheres.

Volume II shows how gender ideology has an influence on both the judicial system and education, and explains how lawyers must act in court when facing PAS denialism.

The author makes clear how the retaliations of gender ideology cause the judges to be reluctant or refuse to investigate PAS, and he teaches how the fundamental rights violated in the various judicial instances, both national and international, must be correctly reclaimed. He shows also how to correctly recuse judges lacking impartiality in PAS matters, recurring even to the Strasbourg Court because of the violation, by the Spanish state, of the fundamental right to an impartial judge.

Drawing upon his vast experience, Bastida exposes real cases of PAS, as well as of false complaints of gender violence and child sexual abuses. He provides the lawyers with sentences by Spanish and European courts concerning PAS, including sentences by the various Spanish Audiencias Provinciales, by the Spanish Supreme Court and by the European Court of Human Rights. Volume II finishes with a summary of the work, with the conclusions and solutions proposed by the author.

Volume III consists of practical questionnaires concerning PAS, which provide a guide and a help for lawyers, in order to correctly enforce their clients’ right of defence at any judicial instance, both Spanish and international.

Parental Alienation Syndrome. At the Forefront against PAS Denialism offers, therefore, all the answers and solutions so as to fight a perverse ideology which violates the fundamental rights, and which has settled into the Spanish society and institutions.

It is an essential reading for parents who see how the judicial system makes nothing in order to help their children, as well as for those judges, prosecutors, lawyers, psychiatrists, pediatritians and educators who have to deal with these situations during the course of their careers, and finally for anyone who is both sensitized against any form of mistreatment which may be inflicted on a minor, and supportive to men who are the victims of false complaints of gender violence.

The work exposes, in a conclusive manner, why the Spanish General Council of the Judiciary must refrain from issuing guidelines or directions which discredit the legal use of PAS, and why it must refrain from taking part in conferences tending to the instruction of the legal operators in the PAS denialism. It must, on the contrary, instruct judges in the PAS in a rigorous way, from the psychological and legal points of view.

The book suggests also that the bar associations should urgently promote the instruction and sensitization of their members about the PAS, as well as about the principles of protection of men who are victims of false complaints of gender violence.

Parental Alienation Syndrome. At the Forefront against PAS Denialism sheds light on a human drama faced by minors, fathers and mothers — on a hard reality which the Spanish institutions are trying to conceal.

It is a work created in order to reach the Justice granted to us by the Spanish Constitution.

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